I am not a professional traveler. I just love to visit two new places every year alone. My idea is save money for 5 month travel on 6th month. So I will write about my life, my Solo Trips, Food Reviews and anything which I like.


han solo traveller

I am Nishant Srivastava Founder of Filmy Keeday and Indianable.com. I am running my business from home and my most of the friends are busy in their jobs. They have many limitations I am lucky to have a life without 9 to 5 Job. I can manage my schedule for any trip and I can work while visiting new places. So I prefer long stay and my friends have limited time.

I travel solo most of the time. I love to explore new things and when you travel with a group of friends, you only visit tourist and famous places. I am not a professional traveler or professional writer and I am not earning any money from travelling. I do all stuff to enjoy my life.