Bike Trip to Rishikesh (Delhi To Rishikesh on Bajaj Avenger 220)

Biking is the new adventure for youngsters these days, and most of the people prefer Royal Enfield for their trips. I was very excited when Pawan Kumar (Travel Blogger) shared his idea of a small trip to Rishikesh on Bajaj Avenger 220. I never had such kind of biking experience on roads.  wo kehte hai na “Kahi pohochne ke liye Kahi se nikalna zaruri hota hai“.

I was inspired and I decided to join him. He lives in Gurgaon and I live in East Delhi. So we choose to meet at Delhi-UP border.

I was waiting for him 5 AM at Delhi-UP Border. Called him he said, “I am Just reaching to the border”. He is new in Delhi so He doesn’t know much about Delhi roads. he crossed the border and I was waiting at the border :P. I called him again after guessing his location I found that he crossed the border.

Now, He was waiting for me at Mohan Nagar (Ghaziabad) and then Finally, we met near Mohan Nagar Hospital Ghaziabad.


Our Meeting Point in Ghaziabad

We took NH58 from Ghaziabad. I am a skilled rider but I was still inexperienced for Highways. I told him to keep the speed in limits so I can ride efficiently with him. we took our first break at a small tea point near Meerut.

This was our first stop and I was comfortable with my Bajaj Avenger. I told him that I will tell him about my Bike Traveler future in Rishikesh If I feel satisfied riding the bike for long distance.

We were at 80KM/H, as I told him to maintain limit. But very soon I realized that Highway is excellent and we can cover more distance in good speed , it was dawn and roads were deserted so I picked up the speed after Meerut and I was riding comfortably on 90-110 KM/h on National highway 58. He was shocked to see me at that speed :D. We were trying to cover more distance before heavy traffic.

After covering 100+ KM we took our second break at a Dhaba just before Roorkee. We had tea and little chit chat with the owner.

Now, we were heading to Roorkee. Roorkee is an Army Cantt area and also famous for IIT. Just before entering the Roorkee area we saw huge traffic Jam. So we picked the canal road. we were riding along with the Ganga River Canal with fresh Air and beautiful canal scenery.

Ganga River Canal Roorkee

We took this Rail bridge picture at Ganga Canal Road to the Army Cantt Area. You can use this road to reach Haridwar as well but the road is not in perfect condition. You can use it in Traffic Jam kind of situations. Delhi to Roorkee roads are perfect you can enjoy the speed on the highways but after Roorkee roads are being constructed and they are creating bypass roads so the whole area was full of traffic, but very soon you will see perfect roads there.

Pawan was excited to click pictures of IIT Roorkee, he Said “Kabhi gaye nahi par Photo to kheech sakte hain” He took the picture of IIT gate for the sake of Engineers.

Roorkee is a city with all kinds of facilities and well connected with different cities of North India.

Roorkee to Haridwar was very difficult for us roads were broken, full of traffic, we were heading with 30-40KM speed and sun was just above our head. It was a hot day of summer and we were trying to reach Rishikesh before 12.

After crossing Har ki Pauri, I saw a place where we can wash our sins in Ganga River. I am an atheist but I love Nature. This Ghat was close to Highway and we were away from Har Ki Pauri crowd. We took a picture of Har Ki Pauri and you can see the huge crowd.

Everything was fine and I was enjoying my first bike Trip. we were just 25 KM away from Rishikesh. We were hungry and we just wanted to reach Rishikesh. We took the wrong road to the Laxman Jhoola and it cost us 3, 4 KM extra on the hilly area but finally, we reached Rishikesh and I was feeling great after this small achievement.

We were at Tapovan near Laxman Jhoola. There are many hotels and decent Family restaurant. If you want to stay away from the crowd then I would suggest you stay in Tapovan. You can enjoy the nature with Ganga River view.

We were low on calories and we just want some food. I saw a restaurant Dilli Bites. Pawan said “Delhi wale Delhi hi dhundhte hai bahar aakar”. I run a Website called Filmy Keeday, So I never leave a chance to add Filmy Dialogues in my conversation. I said, “You can take Delhiites out Delhi, but You can not take Delhi out of Delhiites“.

Pawan Kumar is pure vegetarian and I am Full non-vegetarian, but we were in Rishikesh so I can have only veg food and for me Dal Tadka was the only best thing. I am from Delhi and we eat Shahi Paneer, Dal Makhni every second day.


Our next target was to get a decent Room. I was forcing him for a river view hotel. We tried to search rooms near Laxman Jhoola, Ram Jhoola, and Triveni Ghat, but rooms were not available in Hotels and Dharamshalas never allow bachelor travelers. We headed back to Ram Jhoola. we crossed the Ram Jhoola on our bikes. It was a great experience riding the bike on a Bridge which was hanging on Ganga River.

Finally, we found a Guest House near Ram Jhoola. we parked our bikes on the lawn of Guest House.

It was the time to take some rest.

I will continue my Rishikesh to Lansdowne Experience in my next post.

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